'The Real' Diversity & Inclusion - Coaching and training For You And Your Business


Are You Invested In Embracing Cultural Fluency Within Your Team?  If so, investing in 'The Real' D&I coaching and training will help you better understand the cultural mindset you've grown up with and take to work with you.  This training will raise awareness of your biases and of how to adapt to your work culture, whilst remaining authentic.  It will guide you to shift your mindset, build trust and show respect whilst integrating into your multi-cultural and diverse team.

In short, coaching and training in 'The Real' Diversity & Inclusion informs you and your team of:

  • The structure and habit of your thinking 
  • Patterns of behaviour most important to you
  • Your values - the motivators and drivers you pay particular attention to             
  • Your unconscious biases - What you fail to pay attention to; your blind spots 


This training provides the keys to unlocking your patterns of thinking & behaviour.  What's so important about this, is that your & your team's performance is dependant on your motivation and your behaviour. It aims to promote inclusion where people's differences are recognised, valued and used to enable everyone to thrive at work and personal life.  Because when individuals understand their own patterns of behaviour and motivating factors, they begin to understand:  

  • Why they do what they do.  
  • How they do them.  
  • Find ways of impacting & influencing the relationships they enter into in a positive and respectful manner.

They also begin to get curious about the habits, patterns and preferences of other team members whilst appreciating and respecting the diversity they find in colleagues.  

In Short, they become aware of their own and others' unconscious biases, and begin to appreciate different perspectives.  With Awareness, comes choice.  The more aware of what their unconscious biases they become, the more they make the unconscious conscious, embracing diversity, inclusivity and belonging.

A typical comment after this realisation is "now I understand why you do what you do".  When individuals appreciate that their model of the world and their way of responding to the stimuli are different from their colleagues, the sense of blame, shame and judgment directed towards themselves and colleagues is diminished hugely.



Why Is 'The Real' D&I Coaching A Great Productivity & Engagement Tool For You & Your Business? 

This training is different, yet Better Than Most D&I trainings because it primarily looks at individuals' values and how those values translate into behaviours.  It demonstrates what's important to them and how they behave based on their current beliefs and values (their drivers).  When you know the motivational and attitudinal patterns of a person, you can predict their performance in particular their roles or tasks and you will know how to motivate them.  This results in a more engaged, energised and a typically happier workforce ultimately.  Given the current war for talent, this is critical for staff retention.

This training aims to increase Emotional Intelligence in the work place. It is for individuals, teams and organisations who want to develop a cohesive, cross cultural team dynamic.  It's effective in gaining clarity about their goals and exploring workable strategies for achieving them.


Why Should You Invest In 'The Real; D&I Coaching & Training?

Because your team will get the awareness that THERE'S NOTHING THEY CAN'T DO!  It's just that some tasks they most prefer doing and others, they will have to invest more energy fulfilling.  This awareness in itself enables the individuals to assess the task in hand and change their attitude towards the task, so it can be accomplished.  

They will begin to get curious and ask themselves:

  • What are my preferences?  
  • What are the behavioural and linguistic cues that I need to pay particular attention to in others?  

This will empower them to use a language that's more likely to be 'understood' rather than 'filtered out' by the subject of their communication.  iWAM will help individuals to better understand and adapt to each culture they communicate with, rather than judge everything that happens through their own style of work and motivation.


This training increases yours and your team's self-awareness and enhances cultural fluency; the main ingredients for a diverse & inclusive work culture



What Are The Benefits Of Investing In 'The Real' D&I Coaching and training For You & Your Business?

Your team members will move from being stuck in a problem state, towards a creative, solution driven state.  They get to ask themselves:

  • How important is it for me to do that?  
  • What are the consequences of me 'doing it'?  
  • What are the consequences of me 'not doing it'?  
  • Do the benefits/gains outweigh the discomfort felt?  

"How important is the task in hand?  Do I want to push myself outside of my comfort zone, knowing that I'll find it difficult to start with, but it will become easier with time & repetition?"  


They will get a much better sense of awareness in how they may be perceived by others too.  And how to adjust their attitude towards people and tasks when they move from one country to another, or speak to the in-house culturally diverse team members.  

Other benefits are:  

  • Reduced voluntary and involuntary turnover.  
  • Building trust within teams.  
  • Getting comfortable having uncomfortable, authentic conversations.  
  • Effective succession planning ensuring sustainability.  
  • Simple and cost effective coaching tool.


With awareness comes choice, responsibility, self leadership and self-efficacy.


If You Don't Choose, The World Chooses For You. What would you rather?

Insight From Clients Who Invested In 'The Real' D&I Training For Themselves, Their Team & Their Business

  • "Now I understand why I frustrate my manager."  
  • "The report helped me accept myself and my team members as we are.  It motivated me to challenge myself on areas of low preference."  
  • "Knowing myself better, will assist my confidence and reduce my stress and anxiety at work as I won't be comparing myself.  I now know what comes easy to me is different to what comes easy to my colleagues.  I will also aim to be less critical of team members that behave in the opposite way to me."  
  • "I've been frustrated at one of my students for not following the step by step procedures everyone else seems to be happy to follow."  
  • "I found this report very effective and practical both in terms of the value I offer my team and also my own personal growth."  
  • "I've often struggled with undertaking new tasks.  Now I accept with repetition, the thought of starting something new won't scare me so much any more."


Interested in exploring further?

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