Why Should You Attend This 'VIP' Seminar and Explore your Beliefs, Values, Identity & Purpose?  

"Because it changes your life." M Wilkins - Repeat participant 


  • Are you feeling bored?  
  • Have you lost your sense of excitement and vitality?
  • Are you looking to rebrand personally or professionally? 
  • Are you struggling with poor mental health or a sense of anxiety and overwhelm?
  • Are you frustrated about not achieving your personal and professional goals?
  • Would you like to connect and relate better with your children, your partner, colleagues and customers?
  • Would you like to hold better boundaries and stop feeling guilty when you say no? 
  • Are you finding it difficult to articulate or communicate what you need more of, to put a spring into your step once again?  Whether the challenge is not being heard, seen and valued at home or work...    

By attending this 'VIP' seminar, you will develop skills, behaviours and attitudes to help you find a way forward when the going gets tough.  The fact of the matter is that the challenges in the real world are what they are...  Try as you might, you cannot change the world or eliminate what you perceive to be wrong and unfair.  

There's so much 'drama', 'conflict' and 'politics' out there which contributes to your sense of frustration and disempowerment day in and day out; 'drama', 'conflict' and 'politics' you become embroiled in, oftentimes without the conscious choices you make!  Can you imagine how much free 'headspace' and 'creative power' you'll get back once you eliminate the affects of the causes for your daily frustrations and dissatisfaction?

For you to operate from a place of ease and flow in the noisy world we live in, you'll develop skills to lead yourself first!  You will be reminded of the skills you have hidden deep inside you and you'll pick up some new tools and techniques to help you manage your stress and expectations too.  You will become aware of what motivates you into action and what's holding you back.  

By the time you leave the one day seminar, you'll have a good sense of how to wear your own authentic brand with courage and conviction and how to operate from a place of ease.  How? Because you'll know what you stand for and what you won't tolerate.  You will see the world from a different perspective and notice opportunities you never have...  


"I Attended this seminar with the intention of getting unstuck. The venue was lovely & special and the seminar content was perfect. Vafa took us all on a journey of self discovery in a safe environment. My a-ha moment was that my values are not in line with my goals, so I look forward to completing the Values exercise section of the workbook. Thoroughly enjoyed this experience and wouldn't change a thing. I highly recommend this seminar for anyone who is ready to get unstuck, find a new direction, grow and develop." Irma P. - Healthcare professional

'Finding your authentic voice' to get what you want out of your life may be perceived as a challenge, but with your newly developed skills, you can totally achieve it!  Provided you employ:

  • Effort and intention 
  • A good dose of courage and action
  • An infinite mindset
  • And when you surround yourself with people who are on the same path; and those who have walked in your footsteps and have achieved what you want to achieve

Those who can empathise and hold a space for you. They can hold your hand throughout your journey and walk beside you. Those who can have your back when the going gets tough.  I have lived experience of sensing immense frustration and setback in my life and career for not exercising my voice, and I've worked with hundreds of people to help them find their voice and step into their authentic power.  

I would love for you to be a part of this movement, especially if you're a parent, a guardian and/ or lead a team.  Your children and team members do what you do, not what you tell them to do.  Are you the role model you want them to learn from?  What are the missing skills that'll help you relate to yourself and the world around you better?


By joining me on this one day exclusive 'VIP' seminar, you will not only learn some essential life skills that you've never been taught before, but also be surrounded by like-minded people and given the opportunity to regroup, reflect and start authoring your new life story.

And trust me when I say that you really can get the life you wish for...  It starts by developing awareness of best practices & being immersed in the right environment.  A nurturing and supportive environment that inspires you to identify your motivators, so you take consistent steps towards sustainable transformation.

You have all the necessary ingredients inside of you to strive for that life. When you join me on this exclusive seminar, you will discover the tools and techniques that will enable you to shift your mindset from starting the journey 'ONE DAY' to 'this is DAY ONE' of that beautiful life you're dreaming of.


"The minute you choose to do what you really want to do, it's a different kind of life." R. Buckminster Fuller


"The level of enthusiasm and energy Vafa brought to her seminar was off the scale. She brought challenge in a nurturing and creative way. She made us all feel comfortable and encouraged the growth mindset right from the start. I attended this event with an open mind and it really surprised me. It was so refreshing for me to attend a personal development event with a difference. I find these events are often not as good as they first seem. Here, I spent the day doing something totally different to what I had previously experienced; met new people who were on the same wavelength as me and talked about the important things in life. Can't recommend this seminar highly enough." L Kuthan - Project manager & nutrition advisor

I would love you to attend this exclusive one day 'VIP' seminar because you're invested in developing an awareness of:

  • Your story so far
  • The limiting beliefs and programmes that run you on an unconscious level
  • What your 'numbing mechanisms' are
  • How to get out of your head and connect to your body, embracing new patterns
  • What's really important to you, your internal compass
  • How you want to be remembered
  • The difference you want to make in the world
  • What you need so you wave goodbye to overwhelm and start creating the life you wish for

"What's so important about having an awareness of your Values, Identity & Purpose?" I hear you ask! When you raise your awareness of your 'VIP', you will begin to live an intentional and fulfilled life. You will get to CHOOSE your own path...

  • Explore your innate SUPERPOWER.  Yes - Everyone has one!
  • Gain a sense of ALIGNMENT by better understanding your values
  • Develop healthy BOUNDARIES by saying yes to what serves 'you' and 'no' to what holds you back
  • Become AWARE of what's keeping you stuck or leading to your burnout
  • Discover a sense of EASE when your values are congruent to your lifestyle
  • Find FREEDOM of mind when you treat yourself with more compassion
  • Get CLARITY on the direction of travel
  • Become UNSTUCK when you get out of your head and start paying attention to the messages your body sends you
  • Own a new sense of CREATIVITY and ENERGY when you declutter the 'top tray'
  • Permit yourself to CHOOSE to live a life that's more on your terms

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new." Socrates


 "I decided to invest in the 'VIP' seminar to try and open my way of thinking and maybe see my potential. The openness of the group members to share their thoughts and learn from each other was refreshing. My biggest takeaways were to focus more on myself, to be kinder to myself and set stronger boundaries. Also to take small, consistent steps towards my goal of becoming a qualified therapist. I particularly liked the comprehensive work-sheets I got to take away home to work on myself further, in my own time. I recommend this seminar to anyone who feels overwhelmed and needs strategies to find forward direction. C Price - Trainee Counsellor

Interested in joining me for a day of exploration?

This day long seminar is suitable for you if you are:

  • Interested in learning to say 'NO' to people pleasing & what doesn't serve you and 'YES' to more of what you love so you connect with your authentic power
  • A successful professional who’s looking for a new path, looking for a purpose or want to fall back in love with what you do. You’ve been ticking all the boxes you thought you should in order to achieve success, yet you still feel unfulfilled
  • Sensing a state of stuckness and stagnation because of your limiting beliefs, your unconscious patterns, the nagging voices & the imposter syndrome you experience and now, you want to learn the tools to give you clarity and drive you forward
  • A parent who has invested years in putting your family first and now feel it’s your time to shine
  • Sensing overwhelm, anxiety, stress or depression and are struggling to set goals or achieve set goals
  • Interested in personal development and raising your awareness of who you are, what’s important to you, the impact you’d like to make in the world & how you’d like to be remembered


"Tell me; what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" Mary Oliver

You deserve more... Invest in yourself by joining a small group of like-minded people in a safe and nurturing space. Let's explore who you really are, what you love doing, and the impact you want to make in this crazy and wonderful world we live in.  

You only live once. Get the life you wish for.


Seminar date: TBC - Please click below to register interest

Duration: 9:30am to 4:30pm

Venue: Worting House, Worting Rd, Basingstoke RG23 8PY.  Can also be accommodated on site for in-house teams.

Lunch & refreshments included

Price for the one day seminar: £197