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C Allen; Comms & Marketing Lead

Vafa possesses a remarkable ability to uncover the depths of your being, extracting hidden treasures that illuminate your personal values and unexplored identity. Through her insightful guidance, Vafa has empowered me to navigate the labyrinth of self-discovery with newfound clarity and purpose.

Her intuitive approach has instilled within me a profound sense of confidence, enabling me to assertively decline commitments when my plate is full and to embrace challenges that once seemed insurmountable. With Vafa's unwavering support, I've come to believe in my own capabilities and have learned tools to be able to confront my fears with courage and resilience.

R Bains; Brand Strategist

I asked Vafa to help me become unstuck after investing 8 months and a lot of money into a  psychologist. I had built limiting beliefs into my mindset creating blockages that were preventing me from taking action, making decisions and ultimately progressing in all aspects of my life from relationship to career. Since working with Vafa, I am now in full flow and my career is accelerating alongside my personal life because I have the confidence to make choices, and I feel grounded in a world full of distractions and confusion.

I can honestly say that I experienced greater mental and emotional progress with Vafa in just 3 of her sessions than I did with 8 months of weekly therapy. Vafa thinks outside the box and applies techniques that are bespoke to me, which enables her to get underneath the problems and simplify the components. Uniquely, she's able to create a setting of calm in my mind, the perfect ambience in which to make choices.

Last but not least, Vafa passes her techniques on to me so that I can apply them everyday. This means that I am not waiting for the next session and instead I am working on myself all the time, making improvements continuously, and the sessions provide accountability, boosts and preparation for upcoming challenges.

Megan Wilkins; Helping organisations to optimise outcomes by cultivating agile mindsets

Vafa delivers with such integrity, purpose and intention that allows self discovery. I have attended the VIP seminars on two occasions and have been stopped in my tracks by such profound moments both times. Vafa exudes professionalism and passion to dig deep and reach the depths of your soul. Working with Vafa has been integral to understanding my purpose, unravelling external conditioning and taking steps to leave behind a life of constraint and show up as my authentic self. The impact has been life changing for me and my family. I look forward to continue along the pathway that Vafa has helped me to create and anticipate I will be participating in the VIP seminar many more times to come

I Thomson; Technology & Sustainability Enthusiast

A huge thank you for an amazing training session. This was my first time with you, but I hope more are to come. The way you facilitate, kindly guide, encourage and create a safe environment, which allows attendees engage easily and get 150% out of the training is truly amazing and unique! Well done!!!

Richard Ranson; Social Entrepreneur

What can I say about Vafa apart form being one of the nicest people i know, She has helped me understand my inner voice, be more self confident and being authentic to my audience. Vafa can help you find your true authenticity too and learn more about yourself and bring your uniqueness to the fore. I highly recommend you have a meeting with her, she's brilliant and fab. Need I say more?

Tony K Silver; LinkedIn Speaker & Trainer

I have known Vafa for over 5 years and was in the same group as her.  I have seen her grow and flourish.  A fiercely independent and dynamic lady she now delivers exceptional workshops and talks, a few of which I have been privileged to attend.  She has a wonderful engaging style that draws the audience in and involves them, so they get the most from her sessions.  I recommend her highly to anyone serious on wanting improvements for themselves and their teams.

Ula Howlett; Public Service Educator

I've had a pleasure of working with Vafa on multiple occasions in relation to generic coaching and discovering my purpose in life. With every single encounter Vafa was supporting me on my journey to self-discovery and can only assure you that if you are looking for someone who is incredibly emphatic, that will steer you in the right direction and guide you through the required change - make giving Vafa a call your priority today!

If you are also interested in discovering your Values, Identity & Purpose, I would strongly recommend attending Vafa's 'VIP Seminar' which will provide you with another opportunity to interact with her, and experience the power of her teachings.

Kristy Roff; Virtual Outsourcing Specialist

I can highly recommend Vafa to anyone looking to get support with a child/teen with anxiety and confidence issues. She's been working with my 14yr old son, who from the age of 6 has learned to live with his fears, but recently these have peaked. After only a few sessions he's been noticeably more confident, less anxious, and has confidently faced challenges that he would have otherwise run quickly in the opposite direction to avoid.
This help has been so vital to all of our well-being as a family, as we've struggled to work through some of the really tough times with him, without letting our own frustrations as parents get in the way.
Vafa clearly has a magic wand, or whatever it is, she's given my son the tools and strategies to combat his anxiety in the way that is evidently working for him.
He loves his sessions and looks forward to them, and Vafa makes him feel extremely at ease.
I only wish we'd done it sooner!

Helen Wray; Business Owner

What a wonderfully, supportive and thought provoking day I spent with this lady on her “Live Your Best Life” course recently. Held with a small group of like minded women who all had their own perspective and input that made the course enjoyable. Vafa cleverly steered us through some questions prompting us to find out if our beliefs, values and purpose were aligned.
It left me thinking that some changes should be made in my own life as I realised I’d been bucking against my true nature somewhat of late. The venue was perfect, tranquil, beautiful and within easy transport links.
All in all I shall be following this course up with further reflection and insights from the lady herself and would highly recommend talking to Vafa to help you seek out your true potential and purpose.

Lilly Kuthan; Project Manager & Nutrition Advisor

I attended the 'VIP' seminar with an open mind and it really surprised me.  It was so refreshing for me to attend a personal development event with a difference.  I find these events are often not as good as they first seem.  Here, I spent the day doing something totally different to what I had previously experienced; met new people who were on the same wavelength as me and talked about the important things in life.  The level of enthusiasm and energy Vafa brought to her seminar was off the scale.  She brought challenge in a nurturing and creative way.  She made us all feel comfortable and encouraged the growth mindset right from the start.  Can't recommend this seminar highly enough.

C Price; Trainee Counsellor & Charity Volunteer

I decided to invest in the 'VIP' seminar to try and open my thinking patterns and maybe see my potential.  The openness of the group members to share thoughts and learn from each other was refreshing.  My biggest takeaways were to focus more on myself, to be kinder to myself and set stronger boundaries.  Also to take small, consistent steps towards my goal of becoming a qualified therapist.  I particularly liked the comprehensive course booklet I got to take home to work on myself further, in my own time.  I recommend this to anyone who feels overwhelmed and needs strategies to find forward direction.

Irma O; Healthcare Professional

I Attended the 'VIP' seminar with the intention of getting unstuck.  The venue was lovely & special and the seminar content was perfect.  Vafa took us all on a journey of self discovery in a safe environment.  My a-ha moment was that my values are not in line with my goals, so I look forward to completing the values exercise section of the workbook.  Thoroughly enjoyed this experience and wouldn't change a thing.  I highly recommend this seminar for anyone who is ready to get unstuck, find a new direction, grow and develop.

Cecily Lalloo; Embrace HR

I met Vafa on the Santander Women Business Leaders' Mentoring Programme. She was my mentor and during the year and beyond we formed a close and respectful relationship. Vafa was available whenever I needed to talk about my forward plans, both business and personal, and provided a lift and support. She is an excellent listener and inspirational as a role model for anyone wanting to further and meet their goals, as well as get to know themselves better. Vafa has an infectious personality that takes you with her. Thank you for your support Vafa and bestest to you and yours, Cecily

Mike Armstrong; MD, Sales & Marketing Director

If any HR managers in Cardiff, London or M4 Corridor want to meet up with a brilliant equality, diversity & inclusion professional, I highly recommend Vafa who is an awesome individual and who has a great people management and analysis resource which everyone should take a look at!

Jackie Osborne; Chief-Editor at Local Buzz

Your inspiring presentation at BuzzConnect helped spark positivity amongst the group. The high-energy presentation was well-crafted, thought-provoking, and exceeded our expectations. The message of "Making 2021 the best year of your life" has made a profound difference in the way people will look towards the coming year. Thank you for making such an impact; you are a positive and passionate being and certainly deserve our admiration and respect.

Baanji Muteto; Marketing agency

Vafa has been a great help in getting my work life balance in check and also helping me to begin reaching my full potential. Her methods and coaching style really does work and would recommend her services to anyone who is considering. I look forward to having many more coaching sessions as I truly see the benefit in them.

Steve Rebbettes; Local Charity Trustee

Vafa provided numerous workshops for our “Safe - Basingstoke” clients who had various psychological needs - particularly in the area of ‘self-esteem’. The results were outstanding and I can highly recommend Vafa as a great NLP Practitioner and Life Coach. We will most certainly be using her again and I can highly recommend others to do likewise

Steve Taylor; Chief IT Developer

I have a busy job and a busy home life (both of which I thoroughly enjoy but that does not stop it being stressful), I found Vafa's coaching to be incredibly helpful. She has clearly deeply researched the field and, in addition to, has the required skills to deliver her research in a way that can reach and help anyone. I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to jump at the chance to work with Vafa without hesitation!

Tim Johnson; Coach & Entrepreneur

Vafa is a hugely personable coach, building rapport quickly and effortlessly. She is then able to drop down quickly into deeper levels to start on the real work. Vafa is adept and choosing which models to work with and to pivot seamlessly if that approach didn’t work. She is able to hold the space well and appear totally calm and in control. Highly recommended

Ash-Lee Michael James; Financial Advisor & Sales Director

Vafa is a refreshing inspiration to company directors like myself. Her passion is reflected in her work ethic but almost more importantly her integrity is evident throughout which is a key component that is lost with many other "coaches" or techniques available these days. It's her innate ability to LISTEN and hear sometimes what you can't say yourself that helps her bridge the gap between your potential success and actualising that success. I have no problems recommending Vafa in future and hope that she stays a long term solution for our business operations.

Hannah Molony; Business Coach

Vafa has a warm, positive and affirming style as a coach and I particularly value her solutions-focussed approach. She is incredibly perceptive and through gentle encouragement and support has enabled me to make some significant and long-lasting changes in a number of different areas of my life.

Gill Cooke; Head of Delivery & Digital Planning

Vafa is an inspirational woman! She is such a giver and genuinely wants to help people get their lives back on track. Vafa recently spoke on a #STEMConnext panel "The Power of Failure" where she shared some amazing insight into her own mistakes and learnings and really inspired the audience. Her key tip was “Admit your mistakes so that you can learn from them but more importantly reframe what ‘failure’ means to you – associate it with adventure and growth”. A week later, Vafa gave more of her time to "pay it forward" and coach some confidence skills for people looking to get back to work or get that next role. She advised and coached a number of people and the feedback has been excellent. Thank you Vafa for being such a supporter of me and #STEMConnext

Dara Monaghan - Technical Customer Service Advisor At Vodafone

I met Vafa in 2018 as a customer, and since then we've remained in touch and become great friends. Words can't describe how supportive and instrumental Vafa has been in my life; in only a year she has introduced me to various business contacts, involved me in an amazingly supportive community that has broadened my personal and professional horizons, and is always there as a friend and a mentor, regardless of how much she has going on in her own life. Vafa is truly an inspiration for entrepreneurs and is a fantastic mentor who anyone would be proud to have. Thank you for everything Vafa and here's to evolving our relationship for many more years.


I found this repot (iWAM) very effective and practical both in terms of the value I offer my team and also for my own personal growth.  I'm now more mindful of the preferences, patterns of behaviour and the language I notice both in my team and the youth I work with, because I'm more in tune with my own preferences, patterns of behaviour and my language.  I am going to make a conscious effort to communicate with individuals based on their preferences.

We all know how tricky teenagers can be; and my team and I work with teenagers who need more tender loving care and compassion than most.  I'm grateful to have more tools to relate to everyone at work, and at home with my family too.

N McAlinney; Youth Support Professional


The iWAM report has given me a better understanding of how I'm perceived by my colleagues.  I now understand why I frustrate my manager!  I'm hoping we will be able to communicate in a more effective and respectful way going forward.

J Patel; Office Admin


Having taken the iWAM test has been an eye opener.  Knowing myself better will assist my confidence and reduce my stress and anxiety at work as I won't be comparing myself to everyone else.  I now know what comes easy to me is different to what comes easy to my colleagues.  I will also aim to be less critical of team members that act in the opposite way to me because now, I know how we act based on our own past experiences.  Instead, I will value each team member for the unique perspectives they offer.

B Taylor; Office Manager


Vafa was recommended to me by a friend who knew I was trying to turn my life around and focus on my goal of getting back into work after becoming a mum and being a carer for my partner who had a stroke.  I'd been lacking in confidence and self-esteem and was kinda lost in how to deal with life.  I was quite reluctant to attend this course as a similar course I'd attended previously was boring and ineffective, but I decided to meet with Vafa and explore working with her.

She was kind, understanding and wanted to know how she could help me... And she actually listened!  Attending this course has taught me how to look at situations with a different perspective and in a more positive way.  I learnt that I needed to invest in myself and take responsibility for my outcomes in order to change my life for the better.  I learnt how to cut the negativity out of my life and that anything was possible if I wanted it badly enough.  The phrase 'I can't do this' doesn't exist in my language anymore and I've replaced it with 'I'm still learning how to do this...'

In the current climate of being locked down, if it wasn't for this course and what I've learnt, I know that being stuck at home with my daughter and partner would have caused a lot of stress and depression as we would have argued constantly; but instead, we have taken each other's feelings into consideration and have helped each other out.

Before this course I was very negative about my life and where it was going and had no idea where to turn, but now I feel more confident and happy, moving forward in life with a pore positive outlook.  There's only one way to go when you've reached rock bottom, and that's up! I still have a lot to learn, but with the right techniques I've learnt from Vafa, I'm confident I can turn my dreams into achievable goals.

L James; Volunteer & Back to Work Mum


You were recommended to me by my colleague after I had discussed with her my daughter's struggles and anxieties. She briefly outlined your confidence-building approach as a life coach.

We chose to work with you because I felt from talking to you that you could specifically tailor your coaching to my daughter's needs.  I also sensed from the conversation we had, how enthusiastic you were to help her and provide her with opportunities to change her outlook.

I found it useful that we could chat before you started your session with my daughter, so I could update you on how things had been.  I've also appreciated the feedback after each session, which has always been detailed.  It has been important for my husband and I to know how you've been working with our daughter, as this has enabled us to manage situations at home the following week.  The two sessions we had with you as a family were invaluable for us all to be 'singing from the same hymn sheet'.

The sessions have had an impact on my daughter and she's taking onboard the positive messages.  In the longer term, your sessions have provided our daughter with self-awareness and the tools to be able to continue to develop in a positive way.

I am truly grateful for all you have done for our daughter over the last couple of months and for the continuous support you have shown us all as a family.  Our daughter is familiar, relaxed and trusting of you and I wouldn't hesitate to contact you if we need your services again in the future.

With many thanks and best wishes

A Wroe; Professional & Mum


I would just like to say a massive thank you for the impact your sessions had on my husband's life and therefore also mine.  He has a good level of self-confidence, but actually very low self-esteem.  Every night when he came back from the workshop, he would say: 'Vafa said I had a good idea about this...' or 'Vafa said this was a really good aspect of my personality'.  He really really respects your opinion and I can tell him how lucky we are to have him in our lives as much as I like, but to hear it from someone else has made such a difference to the trust he puts in his own actions and opinions and to his own sense of value.

He also has finally discovered more than just a passive indifference to craft!  He voluntarily completed some colouring activities over Easter and he even made his own craft video for our family YouTube Channel!  Again, so good for his self-esteem and sense of value.

Thank you for being a fab human that you are.  I am so very grateful to have met you.

A Taylor; Primary School Teacher

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