Personal & Executive Coaching

There are a number of reasons why someone might want to work with a coach. From kicking a bad habit all the way to making profound changes in their lives. On top of this we are all different, from our personalities, to our values and life experiences. Whatever your reasons and whatever makes you who you are... I can help.

Leadership Training & Culture Workshops

Are you looking to build a resilient, motivated and engaged team where everyone bring their whole self to work?  I believe life-kills are business skills and unless your team feel visible and valued, your clients will not get the best out of your people.  In a world where recruiting and retaining top talent is a real concern, you can be sure that developing your team will reap benefits such as optimised employee satisfaction, improved engagement and customer service, increased productivity and retention and ultimately an increase in revenue.  Your people are your most valuable assets. Care for them, so they care for your business.

For Teachers & Parents

There are a number of reasons why parents and educators might want to work with a coach. From helping children unleash their superpowers to setting them on the road to lifelong good mental health. Whether the parents & educators need new insights, or the children need help to reduce anxiety, build self-esteem or increase resilience... I can help.

One Day 'VIP' Seminar

Join me to create the life you wish for by getting to know your 'VIP': Your Values, your identity & your purpose.  Whether you're at a crossroads and can't see the wood for the trees, or you know in your core there's more to life than this; if you wonder how much of your life you spend on auto pilot; if you've ticked every box that defines success, and you still feel unfulfilled, when you're ready to live a more intentional life... I can help. 

Embracing Cultural Fluency

Are you looking to promote real Diversity & Inclusion training rather than the tick box, transmit only exercise?  Would you like to develop a more cohesive cross-cultural team dynamic?  Are you invested in yours & your team's personal development?  Whether you want to improve your own awareness and explore a better job fit, or you want your team to benefit from better self awareness and perspective seeking... I can help.

Corporate & Event Speaking 

Are you looking for an engaging motivational speaker or a mental wellbeing trainer to challenge your team seek a new perspective? Whether it's a company conference or staff training workshop, Vafa can help your audience connect with their values, develop resilience, improve communication and have more personal impact. Whatever your reasons... I can help.

Interested in exploring further?

Working with a coach is a really personal experience. You have to feel heard, without judgement and trust that it's a totally confidential relationship. Why not book a short discovery call with me to introduce yourself. I can explain a little about my process and see if I can help.