There are a number of reasons why parents and educators might want to work with a DBS Certificated coach. From helping children unleash their inner superpowers to setting them on the road to lifelong good mental health. Whether the children need help to become more self aware, reduce anxiety, build self-esteem or increase resilience... Vafa can help.

I believe in your children.  They have all the necessary ingredients inside of them to create their best life.  

When you choose to work with Vafa on a group basis, you and your children will enjoy a well thought-out and age appropriate workshop which can be delivered virtually or in person. These will be complemented by a variety of fun exercises where we explore deep limiting beliefs, fears and obstacles which have stopped you and your children reaching your true potentials.  

For those seeking a more tailor-made family coaching approach...  You will be offered a mix of 1-2-1 bespoke coaching sessions with the child/children and the adults separately, complemented by some family coaching sessions.

A client's feedback: "I can highly recommend Vafa to anyone looking to get support with a child/teen with anxiety and confidence issues. She's been working with my 14yr old son, who from the age of 6 has learned to live with his fears, but recently these have peaked. After only a few sessions he's been noticeably more confident, less anxious, and has confidently faced challenges that he would have otherwise run quickly in the opposite direction to avoid. 

This help has been so vital to all of our well-being as a family, as we've struggled to work through some of the really tough times with him, without letting our own frustrations as parents get in the way. Vafa clearly has a magic wand, or whatever it is, she's given my son the tools and strategies to combat his anxiety in the way that is evidently working for him. He loves his sessions and looks forward to them, and Vafa makes him feel extremely at ease. I only wish we'd done it sooner!."

You might seek to work with Vafa because...


  • You wish to promote a resilient mindset in their children
  • Your children have been struggling with lack of confidence
  • Your children have been struggling with low self-esteem
  • Your children have found it difficult to self regulate their negative emotions
  • Your children have been suffering with poor mental health
  • You feel lost, overwhelmed or burned out
  • You want to be a connected and a happy family unit


Interested in exploring further?

Working with a coach is a really personal experience. You have to feel heard, without judgement and trust that it's a totally confidential relationship. Why not book a short discovery call with me to introduce yourself. I can explain a little about my process and see if I can help.