Being a business owner can be a lonely place to be and attending our monthly seminars will provide you with the much needed human connection & support you may currently lack, need or desire. The perspectives and insights that you'll receive during these sessions are highly impactful.  They will provide you with guidance on how to overcome the obstacles that life and running your own business may be presenting you with at this present time.

"Deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to think and act on building the life you desire.” – Napoleon Hill

When you join our Inner Circle members, we will come together on a series of small and intimate monthly face to face meetings.  This series of seminars which are in six monthly blocks have been created for business owners like you, who are keen to communicate and collaborate with likeminded people in a safe and nurturing environment.

What we have created isn't a networking group where the primary intention of people in the room is to sell to each other and/or be referred.  It's a bespoke personal development forum which would focus on a particular topic each month to inform, inspire and educate the members.  You will also have the opportunity of bringing your problems to the table so you benefit from the power of the hive mind.

It comes with the added benefits of support provided by Vafa who understands and values the importance of connecting your mind and body so you operate from a higher potential and Richard, a business mentor who will raise your awareness to spotting new opportunities.  And of course other members of the Inner Circle who are invested in helping you too.

Richard and I are collaborating on this project because we believe in the power of human connections and creating a safe and nurturing space for business owners to work on themselves and on their businesses.  We have both benefitted from being a member of supportive networks and we want to give you a taste of what it's like to find a space to belong to, so you thrive.

Our invitation to you is to join us with an open mind, leaving the ego behind and remain flexible in order to get the best out of these sessions.  The members are respectfully asked to observe the Chatham house rules.  What is discussed in the room, stays in the room...

For those seeking a more tailor-made coaching approach following the meetings...  You will be offered 1-2-1 bespoke coaching sessions where you can explore how you may be standing in your own way of success and to figure out your next steps.

This is feedback from a client: "Vafa has a warm, positive and affirming style as a coach and I particularly value her solutions-focussed approach. She is incredibly perceptive and through gentle encouragement and support has enabled me to make some significant and long-lasting changes in a number of different areas of my life"

Business owners like you work with us because...

  • Your outcome is to reach your full potential in life and business
  • You're invested in building a “better” business
  • You wish to raise awareness of yourself and your market
  • You want to connect with your "WHY"
  • You'd like to embrace change and build your resilience
  • You know the importance of dealing with your limiting beliefs
  • You're ready to step outside your comfort zone
  • You want to foster strategies for managing setbacks and overcoming fears
  • You know the importance of goal setting, discipline, commitment, and accountability
  • You know the power of  building long term relationships
  • You desire to foster a growth mindset

Interested in exploring further?

Joining our community will give you a sense of belonging.  You will find a safe space where you feel seen and heard without judgement.  The trusting relationships you build with your coach and other members creates a sense of safety.  You will be held accountable, if you so wish, so you reach your desired outcome.  Why not book a short discovery call with me to introduce yourself.  I can explain a little about my process and see if I can help.