Looking for a speaker for your next event? Meet Vafa.

Vafa moved to the UK from Shiraz with her family when she was just 16 years old. It was not long after the Iranian revolution of 1979 which saw sweeping regime change and a seismic shift in Iranian culture.

Like most immigrants, her parents sought a better life for their children and Vafa didn't disappoint. She completed her higher education in Cardiff and built a 25 year career within the NHS helping others, until she burnt out whilst conforming to societal rules and expectations, putting herself and her needs last.

Now, she's focusing her energies helping professionals like you. Thorough her warm, engaging and storytelling style, she will challenge you to re-assess your beliefs & assumptions. You will be inspired to reassess your values and the stories you're basing your current lifestyle upon. When she speaks, she'll motivate you to connect with your core values, embrace choicefulness, define your boundaries, step into your authentic power and smile from inside out.

"Vafa's inspiring presentation helped spark positivity amongst the group. The high energy presentation was well crafted, thought provoking and motivated the audience to design first steps towards action." J Osborne

Vafa's talk is an interesting walk through her story and why she believes examining your beliefs and setting life goals that are congruent to your core values would stop life 'happening to you'. Instead, you will become the author of your life and the role models your children and your team deserve.

As a mother and personal development coach, Vafa understands the importance of providing a safe and nurturing space for you, your children and your team to journey through life and develop essential life skills; life skills after all are business, professional and leadership skills. 

"One's mind, stretched to a new idea, never goes back to its original dimension." Oliver Wendell Holmes

Vafa's mission when she speaks is to deliver interactive sessions and engage the audience so everyone leaves with an actionable idea that will lead to transformation, should they choose to.  

Leaders like you invite Vafa to speak on topics such as...


  • Stepping into your authentic power - Becoming a better leader
  • Explore your values - Get clarity on direction of travel
  • Managing change
  • Communicating with impact and influence - Having difficult conversations
  • Cultivating happiness - Smiling from inside out
  • Emotional literacy - Navigating big emotions
  • Explore your beliefs & unconscious biases - The real diversity & inclusion
  • Stress awareness & state management
  • Conflict management & resolution
  • Empathic connections - Helping you develop resilience
  • Fostering a ‘growth’ mindset and a ’can do’ attitude

Interested in exploring further?

"A fiercely independent and dynamic lady she delivers exceptional workshops and talks of which I have been privileged to attend. She has a wonderful engaging style that draws the audience in involves them so they get the most from her sessions. I recommend her highly to anyone serious on wanting development for themselves and their teams." T. Silver