Are you looking for a coach and facilitator to challenge and inspire your team to work smarter and achieve better results? Whether you're intending to attract and retain top talent, enhance engagement and productivity or to cultivate critical connections and communicate with impact and influence, Vafa can help. 

When you develop your people and nurture the human behind the professional, you create a culture of trust and innovation and are rewarded with service excellence.

Vafa has experience of working with a diverse cross section of the workforce and delivers personal development programmes and leadership training with ease and impact.  She connects with each and every member of the audience and inspires commitment to action.  

Her delivery style is relaxed, encouraging and engaging, and her content captures the heart and the mind of your team.  Vafa will connect your team to their core values and will raise their awareness to the way they make decisions based on their unconscious biases. This invariably results in a change in their behaviour and perspective, where better decisions are made, prompting clarity in the direction of travel.  

Just imagine the compound impact on your business reputation, efficiency and profitability, if everyone in your team operated more effectively by only 1% with every passing week... If you're invested in the growth and wellbeing of your team and the sustainability of your business, Vafa comes highly recommended. 

Here are some examples of what she can deliver...

  • Personal development workshops
  • Developing personal resilience
  • Creating a supportive culture of collaboration
  • Developing self esteem & personal impact

Interested in exploring further?

Often when Vafa is booked to speak there is a very specific need within the organisation. Working with you she is able to design her content to match your requirement. Why not book a short, no obligation discovery call to discuss the details.