Helping you achieve positive change by making you feel seen, heard and understood

Nurture the human behind your professionals to create conscious & resilient leaders that will stand the test of challenging times and thrive, not just survive

Develop resilient children; help them regulate their emotions, thoughts & attention. Unleash their superpower & reinforce their positive beliefs about themselves

Get the courage & skills to strive for your dreams. Live a life of ease & peace in as few as two 1:1 sessions. You are so worth the investment

Explore your Values, Identity & Purpose; explore your authentic voice, find ease, peace & calm and make a lasting impression

Captivate, inspire & motivate your team into action. Vafa's warm & engaging speaking style is a sure way to transform the minds and behaviours of your team

Learn about your unconscious biases, your deeply rooted beliefs and patterns. Embrace 'the real' D&I by celebrating the uniqueness of each team member

"Vafa is a hugely personable coach, building rapport quickly and effortlessly. Able to quickly explore deeper to start on the real work" T Johnson