Helping you achieve positive change by making you feel seen, heard and understood

Seek new perspectives in life by working on your mindset and mental wellbeing and become more authentic & productive

Unleash the superhero within you & your children, using proven NLP & embodiment tools and techniques and storytelling

Get the courage to strive for your dreams and true potential & get out of your own way with personalised coaching

Explore your Values, Identity & Purpose and fall back in love with who you are, what you love doing and the impact you want to make

Find safety and belonging in a circle of likeminded entrepreneurs, connect with your core and build a better business

Gain knowledge of unconscious biases and your attitude & motivational patterns to work, fostering better awareness of self & others

"Vafa is a hugely personable coach, building rapport quickly and effortlessly. Able to quickly explore deeper to start on the real work" T Johnson